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CHRISTMAS - Shop 20% discount, FREE Market Points
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Ho ho ho,

Christmas is around the corner, and so are the office parties and family gatherings.
People around the world are eagerly awaiting this moment. (Here on Darkeden Genesis it is not different)
This entire anxiety is normal, after all Christmas is a festive time, a special occasion where we have more free time to get a little more detached concerning the problems and tasks of everyday life (work, school, homework, projects, obligations, sleep and wake up early, etc).

It is an opportunity for us to use the free time and tranquility to escape the routine and dedicate ourselves to what we like to do.
Spend more time with family, make small talk and hang out with friends, go out to somewhere different, read a book, play a game, sleep late, go to a party or even doing nothing.

But sometimes Christmas can become a long, boring family meeting ... where YOU ARE the target of the same questions from that embarrassing clueless old aunt.
These aunts may forget to talk about extremely important, interesting things, and all, but the embarrassing ones, they NEVER forget. They ask in front of everyone!

"Oh my son, how you have grown. It seems like yesterday I wiped your ass."
"What about girlfriends?"
"You're in love with a little girl or are you on the shelf?"
"When are you gonna give me a grandchild?"
"How are your grades at school?"
"Oh! Look, if is not it my favorite nephew!"
"What have you done in life? Gotta job?"
"How many girlfriends have you gotta, eh?"

For you who knows you desperately need to escape it and do something really fun this Christmas, the Genesis Darkeden staff prepared some unmissable special deals to you. Check below:

Christmas - Market Discounts, Free Market Points, Events

All items in our store (market) have a 20% discount.
It's your big chance to buy that special aura, some tickets or, who knows, enjoy some sapphires a lot.
Hurry, promotion automatically ends December 31th.

Various monsters will be summoned in the game during the promotion. Among them, two main: Santa Claus and reindeers.
Summons will happen at times and regions randomly, but there will always be global warnings to all players online.

3 -> 200% EXP
During ALL weekends the EXP will be doubled till the end of the festivities.
Just do not want anyone who vai leveling.
Only will not level who do not want.
Só não vai ficar forte quem não quiser.
Call your friends, set up that invencible team and beat every monster you see or...keep QQing when defeated.
"You just killed me because you are 300 levels stronger than me."
"Just wait till I get on your level."
"If I was 2 levels higher you would see..."
"I will call my mom :'-( "

4 -> PLAY AND EARN (Free Market Points)
At random times, ALL logged players earn Market Points for FREE.
All you have to do is to play Darkeden Genesis and stay logged. When you least expect you can win some market points this Christmas.

5 -> GDRs & EVENTS
During the next days there may be any type of event without previous notice:
Plays and games in the game. The players who will be online will participate.
GDRs, GMs KILLERS, Lairs, WARS, and who knows what else the folks at Genesis Darkeden can take into their head to do ...
You are not going to miss it, are you?!

* NOTE *
Regarding the recent Sandy Hook School's shooting, we humbly bring you two notes:

"They had their entire lives ahead of them — birthdays, graduations, wedding, kids of their own… Among the fallen were also teachers, men and women who devoted their lives to helping our children." (Barack Obama's pronouncement)

Killing a human being is as horrible as disrespect him.
We don't have the right to destroy a life, not with a weapon, even with a word.
So please, keep in your mind and in your heart the only rule given by God:

"Love each other as I have loved you!" (John 15:12 - Holy Bible)

Make those stroke by tragedy know that they are not alone.
There is no time for words.
We are by their side, even if from thousand of miles away. Our prayers are for that the parents keep talking to God and refuse let go of hope.

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