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+20% bonus for donations + website updates
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Hello players,

We have been working hard lately to improve our systems and we are here to explain the changes - maybe you already have seen them - and to announce a promotion: +20% bonus for each donation.

When you buy any ammount of market points, you will receive 20% more points.
Promotion avaliable till May 5th (05/05/2013).

If you buy $10 dollars, you wil get 1200 Market Points (+200 for free).

Regarding the changes, they all - even the little ones - required a lot of time to be thought through.
So the main changes are as follows:
1- Account Recovery System
2- Rank
3- Market
4- Donation
5- Characters Management (Stats Reset)
6- Forum

1- Account Recovery System

Several improvements have been made on this system, in order you can recover your lost accounts easily.
Now, instead of getting only your account info, you also receive an automatic link to reset it.
Less clicks, less keys pressed.
More functionality.

Forgot Genesis Password?

2- Rank

As many of you have already noticed, our rank has been revamped.
Four categories are available for displaying players ranking. Three of them are race-based and the last one is the overall top (mix).
When navigating here you won't be redirected from page to page while choosing the category to be displayed. This rank list is well organized and looks way better than the old (and ugly) one.

Genesis Highscores

3- Market

It came to our attention, some days ago, that some players didn't know that, in order to buy race specific items, they could browse the market by categories (Common, Slayers, Vampires and Ousters).
Yesterday we have implemented some changes on the market with minor visual improvements, leading to a wiser, easier and more intuitive navigation.
Now you will be able to navigate among the categories without changing from page to page, when all you want to do is searching some items.

Genesis Market Mall Store

4- Donation

The donation system actually works more dinamically now.
You may not feel all the changes - just few ones -, since they are more server side.
Anyway, they do improve a lot the way it works.
Another improvement is the automatic payment processing for all kind of available payment methods (Paypal and Pagseguro).

Donate - Buy Market Points

5- Character Management (Stats Reset)

Although it has been released some time ago, we have never officially announced it.
So we will give a small introduction to it.
Characters management shows the relevant information of all your ingame characters.
It allows you to reset your character abilities in order to redistribute it the way it pleases you and it works for slayers, vampires and ousters. But since each race has its own style on building a character, the reset is also specific for each race.
Slayers, for example, will be able to reset their abilities only from level 151 (Horus Class), since they can exchange among classes naturally till the level 150.

Reset Rates
LevelPrice (Market Points)
2 to 1501.000 MPs
151 to 1752.000 MPs
176 to 2004.000 MPs
201 to 2255.000 MPs
225 to 2496.000 MPs
2508.000 MPs

So, if you are bored of your fire ouster and you want to turn into an water/earth or combat, all you get to do is to click the button "Reset Charname" and your stats, skills, rank, will be wiped and your bonus points will be fully added again.

Note: Currently, the slayers can ONLY reset their abilities (STR, DEX and INT), but we are working on a better system to enable the class exchange too (healer > sworder, gunner > enchanter, etc).

Stats Reset - Rebuild your char

6- Forum

After long a time deactivated, it is active once again and thanks to the KeyCaptcha Team we could get rid off the bots (spammers). Forum exclusively for humans!
Thank you guys.

All other pages have been slightly changed too. You will notice tip boxes on the forms to better guide you.
Apart all of the mentioned points, our systems are being improved and worked on in all possible directions.

Note: most of these updates have been applied only to the international page (darkedengenesis.com)

Check it out and enjoy!

Thank you for all your support!

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