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Clarification regarding ban lift of ouster Celivans
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Clarification regarding ban lift of ouster Celivans

Ladies and gentlemen,
as many of you know, the ouster 'Celivans' had his ban lifted.
This issue has generated unnecessary controversy, so we are clearing it up once and for all.

The facts:
- In April 2013, the ouster Celivans was caught using "speed hack " and for this reason he was banned.
- Since then, he has made some requests for unblocking. All of them were refused.
- In early January, he made again a request, that was finally granted.

Name: Celivans
Race: Ouster
Ban time: approximately 8 months

Some players have positioned themselves against and others in favor - others didn't positioned themselves at all - the administration's decision. What has get to be clear, however, is:

The management's decision to readmit the player is irrevocable, while he respects our rules.

We understand the outrage of some, the dissatisfaction of others. It should be remembered, however, that the player has paid for the crime he had committed.
Criminal systems around the world provide for the rehabilitation of the offender. Giving another chance is within the requirements of a society that fall in standards of civility.
Giving another chance is the society's obligation, since we do not exist just to enjoy but to cooperate with the development of every one.

We reiterate:
- We will not tolerate deceitful tactics as engaged in by Celivans.
- Do not try to pull a fast one on the players of Genesis, because there will be consequences if you do.
- Anyone who dares to circumvent our system will be duly and severely punished (read our TOS).

If we have something to defend it is your interests, your integrity and right to have fun in an enviroment free of cheats. For that we need your trust, as it's the basis of any relationship.
Believe on us, because we only do what is the best for you.

“The best way to find out if you can trust somebody is to trust them.” ― Ernest Hemingway

Finally, we appreciate your patience, your support and loyalty.
Always count on us. We will not disappoint you.

[lred]Darkeden Genesis Staff[/lred]

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