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Merry Christmas! May Jesus live in you!
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Greetings, dear player,

We are honored with your presence here. Really!
You are the one who makes Genesis great!
We have added 50 Free Market Points to every account and reduced the price of Christmas Trees and Fireworks to 1.
Go get some Christmas Trees and Fireworks and let's celebrate together!

New Year Promotion

We want to enjoy this moment to remember what Christmas is all about.
Christmas is about:

- the birth of the one man that divided the world in before and after him, the one savior that cured the injured, fed the poor, and announced the good news of salvation for all mankind: Jesus Christ.

That's what Christmas is about, and that's what we want to remember today.
Remember that no matter what, there is hope for those who believe in Jesus Christ.
Because He, God himself, came into this world, in a human body, suffered all kinds of pain, humiliation and lies, died in the cross, descended into the mansion of the Dead, resurrected the third day, all this so we could live our lives in peace.
Mirroring His life, living as He lived, we surely will live with Him in eternity.
Always remember the source of your personal worth: Jesus Christ.

May God honor your faith and trust in Him providing you and your family with health, courage, happiness and peace. Amen!

Happy Christmas!

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